What is the charge for Team Drive? Its Free from 02 August 2020.
What is this service about? The service is to provide you far more cloud storage than 15GB storage to your Google Drive.
How your service works? Our service creates a team drive in your provided Google Drive Account to X10 (extend) your storge.
What is a team drive? A team drive allows you to upload 750GB a day.
How can we Donate you? The payment is only and only accepted through Paytm. You need a paytm account to donate.
Why only Paytm? Just promoting my country's start up. No matter how small or big my service will get in future. My Nation is always inside my Heart.
Is your service is secure? Yes. You can trust us 100% with our service. Once we create a team drive then all securiy goes to Google. You can trust Google too :p
Do I need to buy G Suite to use this service? No. You need only a Google account or say Gmail.
Can I upload anything in Shared Drive? Yes. Almost anything you want to upload.
Do we sell your emails? No, Never did and Never will. and GDx only sends verified news (not from WhatsApp University. Genuinely verified news including Tech news), Product Affiliates links, Verified Paid Ads.